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About the Hybrid Academy

The Hybrid Academy was created by two best friends of 13 years (Rob McFall and John Magill), during the Coronavirus pandemic. Rob (25), by trade is a self-employed aeronautical engineer living in Italy and John (25), is an outright salesman by trade, with history working in commercial vehicles to insurance and is now working in Belfast as a suit tailor. These jobs for us came with hard work and time but our love for fitness made us dream of breaking into the industry with a brand like no other.

In 2020 as you well know Coronavirus hit hard, stopping our work and creating ALOT of free time that we had never had before, this was our window of opportunity that we have always wanted! We took a leap of faith and poured everything we had over those three months of lockdown to bring our vision of ‘The Hybrid Academy’ to life.
5 months later with a lot of sweat, tears and (joyful) stress we will launch our products to the public.

Meet The
"Fit Fam"

Our ‘Fit Fam’ consists of several friends who have trained together for up to 8 years, from Bodybuilding to Functional Fitness to Crossfit.

We have competed together in competitions such as Turf Games (2019 ‘everyday’ winners), and beensuccessful in local Crossfit competitions too. We nicknamed the group of friends “The Hybrid Academy” coming from the idea of moving from a number of sports and training styles to become a more ‘all-rounded’ athlete.

This was a name we called ourselves for years before the brand was even thought of, so when it came to creating it .. it was a no brainer.

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